I am blackLiquid Tokyoska a lovely Japanese Caucasian hybrid and in RL I am 40 years old and live in Melbourne Australia.

I spend my time is SL learning anything and everything I can, in both worlds I thrive on being challenged and think of myself as multifaceted, well rounded and talented, creative, smart, open-minded & unique. I’m Inspired by art, music, nature, the Avant garde, eastern culture and my deeply spiritual inner self.

I have been trained in modelling by all of the best modelling academies on the grid and have been modelling and shape making since July 2009.
In September 2009 I created my own modelling agency KABUKI boutique, responsible for some of the most unique, high quality and creative fashion shows in the metaverse.

Throughout my career I have had a large success in both brand competitions and pageants. In 2010, I was crowned both Miss Gems & Kisses & The Face Of Aleteil, shortly after I became a Modavia Supermodel and have had the opportunity to work with many prestigious agencies and people within the fashion industry and beyond. In 2011, I became Vanity Hair Muse and Miss DIRAM as well as having the honor of representing Thailand in the Miss Virtual World Competition and In 2012 represented Acre in the Miss Brazil competition.

At the culmination of 2012 I expanded the blackLiquid brand into retail by opening up a primarily makeup and fashion based main store of my own designs.

I have a large inventory stocked full with resources and an open mind full of creativity, I am now an expert in my field and have extensive fashion portfolio, including walking in over 300 fashion shows and appearing in all of the best fashion publications in Second Life.

I specialise in and am available for:

print modelling
runway modelling
custom shape making
custom pose making
machinima/acting modelling dancing
spokes modelling
fashion, tv & radio show hosting
fashion show production
fashion show photography
client portfolio photography
brand PR photography & art
fashion show/dance/choreography
fashion show production
custom product design
fashion show set design
education and mentor-ship in any of the above.

If you wish to use me for your project or for more information please contact me via email. blackLiquid@blackLiquid.net
love & light

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